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Where do I start?
          You have to give up your time to save peoples lives.
          You have to give up time for fund raisers.
          You have to give up time for training.
   2. Commitment of spouse or significant other.
          Your spouse or significant other needs to know the commitment you will      
          make, it will affect them and your relationship as well.
   3. Application
          You can get an application from any member in the department.
           Fill it out an return to, hopefuly, the same member.
   4. Sponsor
           The person that gave you the application can also be your sponsor unless he  
           has already sponsored someone this year. Of course if you have a friend in
           the department step 3 and 4 will be them.
   5. Induction
           Once your application is in, you will meet with the Fire Council. Your
           application will then go to the next membership meeting for a vote buy the  
           membership. If voted in, your application will be sent to the town for approval
           and physical exam will be scheduled.
   6. Membership
           Now this is the hard part. Calls only happen in the middle of your night. You
           must be trained before you can wear a Air Pack or enter a fire.  The first
           course is 39 hours and usally broke up in a couple nights a week for a few
           weeks. During this time you can respnd to calls to help out in other ways plus
           you need to learn our trucks and where the equipment is located. If you
           become an EMT the training is more intense and longer. TRAINING never
           ends. Then there is all the fund raisers that members need to work to raise
           money for the department. Work BINGO once every third Tuesday, Chicken
           Barbacues, Booster Club, Parades.

To the Philadelphia Volunteer Fire Department